Taco Trucks Near "Trump Wall"

Trump Talks Tasty Tacos at Tony’s Taco Truck

Featured Image (above): Taco Trucks Near “Trump Wall” Author: Jessie Oni / Voice of America


MAY 5, 2020 4:15 PM

Even in these trying times, we all have a little time to spare for some tasty tacos. President Trump is no exception.

“A man’s gotta eat”, he proclaimed between loud smacking chomps of his beef tongue tostada, beans dripping down his chin. Crumpled up wrappers littered his table in a circle around his freshly cracked can of Diet Coke. Not a single napkin was within sight.

In honor of this year’s Cinco de Mayo, President Trump decided to celebrate by visiting Tony’s Taco Truck near Trump Wall for some tasty tacos, tostadas, and other treats. The woefully unremarkable Trump Wall (pictured above) never ceases to attract the President while visiting his hotel in Las Vegas.

“Beautiful, isn’t it? Never ceases to amaze and impress. Tremendous wall, simply tremendous”, Trump said. “And only the best food trucks are allowed next to my wall. I like to come, sit, and stare at my wall while I eat Tony’s tremendous meats. Yeah, me and Tony go way back.”

Trump was referring to Tony Montana (pictured below), the famous owner of Tony’s Taco Truck in Las Vegas, NV. He’s been operating the food truck for nearly 20 years.

President Trump with Tony Montana, Owner of Tony's Taco Truck

President Trump (left) with Tony Montana (right), Owner of Tony’s Taco Truck in Las Vegas, NV
Author: The White House from Washington D.C.

“It’s always such an honor when the Prez visits”, Tony gushed. “Beef tongue tacos and tostadas are his favorite. Can’t get enough of the stuff. We make sure to stock it in triple our normal amounts before his visit each year on Cinco de Mayo.”

Despite his administration’s beef with Mexico and immigration, he doesn’t deny loving the culture’s food. “They got it right with this one, tacos. And Tony’s are the best. Tremendous tacos!”, Trump said.

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