Pepe's Dropped Food

Kid Drops Bucket of Food, Feels Sad

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MAY 18, 2020 8:00 AM

It wasn’t a good day for Pepe.

His mama always told him, “Pepe, don’t drop the food!”

Now what did our poor boy Pepe do? He go and drop the food! Pepe, he become immediately sad at this development.

Pepe Silvia, 9

Pepe Silvia, 9, dropped his bucket of weird fruit then got really sad

Nazmul Hasan 7862 / CC BY-SA 4.0

“Pepe, what kind of food you drop?” I ask him.

“It was the special fruit,” Pepe sobbed, “uborker berries, they called. My mama, you see she make the special uborker pie, so tasty. Now I ruined everything.”

“Pepe, how do you drop the food when you carry it in a bucket with the handle?” I ask him.

“Have you ever tried riding the bike while carrying the full bucket of uborker berries, Duci Behg?” he cried. “I did not think so.”

“Pepe, how mad is your mama going to be now?” I ask him.

“She going to make Pepe eat the moldy bread!” he whined.

Pepe's Dinner, Moldy Bread

Pepe’s Dinner, Moldy Bread

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